Coating and Systems Integration, Ltd.

CASI designs, fabricates, & installs equipment for powder and wet paint finishing systems including washers, ovens, paint booths and material handling systems. In addition, we provide complete conveyor system design and installation services for all types of conveyors including monorail / power & free / roller type / chain-on-edge and specialty systems.  We can design, build and install required new process equipment or modifications for your paint line. Precise project control means on-time delivery and a smooth startup.

Goals for Our Customers:

  1. Superior Coating Quality…
  2. Lower Coating Costs…
  3. Environmentally Clean…

Superior Service:

To understand and consistently fulfill our customer’s expectations.

Lower Coating Cost:

To deliver superior coating quality and service at the lowest possible cost, today and in the future.

Our Mission:

To help our customer’s businesses grow and become more profitable by improving the quality of their applied coating operation while reducing coating cost.

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